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Basics of Car Renting
 July 12, 2023

Basics of Car Renting

Renting a car is an age-old process, but these days with all the options available it gets more and more trickier. At Drivo, we decided to bring the car rental process back to Earth. In this article, you’ll find some essential factors for picking your ride (these will be your prerequisites and questions to answer), car varieties (types of cars and which is best for your situation), and, finally, specific concerns (functionality, insurance, etc.). Let’s start from the basics.

Factors for your car rental

Although it may take a little longer for newcomers, getting your basics down is something that will only be natural after your first rental. It’s best to break the process down from the beginning and have the framework ready for your next time. Our points below will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everybody along your way!

1. Purpose

This is always our number one. What’s the occasion? Is it going to be a business trip, or a family outing, or a company offsite? Find out how many people will be with you, what’s the duration and destination for your adventure.

2. Budget

If purpose is your 1a, then budget might be your 1b. See what’s your affordable expense for renting a car. It’s always a good idea to compare options across different companies.

3. Location

Find one that’s closest to you; always remember that your ride will need to be picked up and then dropped off. Many car rentals allow custom drop-off points, while others are strict about it.

4. Car size

Determine the car size you need based on your number of passengers and luggage. Always get cars with a bit more space; each trip will always have its unexpected pickups.

5. Insurance

Insurance is a guarantee that even if something happens, at least somebody will have your back. All car rental companies provide insurance options, and we’ll get down to those in the third part of this article.

6. Documentation

What are the required documents for your road trip? Do you need something other than ID to get your rental? This info is always available on each company’s website.

7. Flexibility

Sometimes your ride takes longer, or shorter, than usual. Adjustable dates and additional time for latecomers is great for any incidents, big or small. For example, Drivo can allow you to pick up your car even if you’re slightly late. Not every company will do the same thing and will often charge you regardless of circumstances.

8. Customer care services

Our last one is once again about precaution. Make sure your rental’s customer support is always on the line and covers your destination.

This advice will do you just fine! Long story less long, round up your prerequisites before making a final decision: 1) what are the needs? 2) what is the budget? 3) what are your special requirements based on your driving preference? Once you answer all three, it’s time to pick your ride.

Choosing and Reserving Your Rental Car

There are just as many cars as there are ways to use them. Consider: will you be driving long distances in your rental car? In that case, look at a higher-priced option that provides better comfort (don’t forget your budget restraints!). Likewise, you may want to rent a larger vehicle if you have a lot of luggage or a convertible if you expect the weather to be perfect. This section will discuss car types and ways to pick one depending on your use.

Economy Cars

Economy cars, or compact cars, are known for their fuel efficiency and affordable price tags. These are ideal for driving around the city and for short commutes, thanks to their compact size, easy maneuverability, and excellent mileage. They are perfect for individuals or small families seeking cost-effective transportation with decent interior space. Whether you're navigating through crowded streets, parking in tight spaces, or looking to save on gas expenses, economy cars are the go-to option.

There is one subset of economy cars, which is compact cars. They’ll be as tiny as you want them and will work as an immediate solution when there’s no time for making preferences.

Let’s round it up: you need an economy car if your ride isn’t long, your budget is reasonable, and all in all the trip won’t be that eventful. Picking up groceries, driving family around, and commuting are our picks for this car type.

Medium-Size Cars

Medium-size cars balance perfectly between fuel efficiency, comfort, and versatility. With increased interior space and a more ‘substantial’ experience, they provide a comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers.

Here, we also have another subsection of midsize SUVs. A great middle-of-the-road option for plenty of company and space for any occasion!

To sum up: medium-size cars are great for longer journeys, allow for more expense in exchange for substantial performance, and are suitable for family trips and for individuals who could use extra space in their trip. They’re an excellent choice for longer journeys, weekend getaways, and highway driving.

Fullsize Cars

Fullsize cars, also known as sedans or executive cars, are the most elegant, comfortable, and perform at the absolute top. They are designed for maximum comfort and style, featuring ample legroom, plush interiors, and advanced tech features. Fullsize cars are the perfect choice for larger families or individuals who prioritize comfort, prestige, and a smooth ride.

And that’s fullsize for you! They require a significant budget, perfect for pretty much any occasion big or small, and excel in all types of travel. Take them out for your business trips, and anyplace that would appreciate a touch of luxury.

Let’s go over it once again. Economy cars provide as much as you want for your buck. Mid-size cars are balancing between comfort and affordability. Finally, for superior comfort in all situations, look no further than full-size cars. By understanding your use case per each car type, you can make the best journey for your booking and road experience.

Addressing specific needs

Our last section will get deeper into stuff that you might consider before making way to your pickup. Now that we’ve covered all the bases, there isn’t much left but to adjust according to your desires.

1. Car addons and limitations

Once on location, check the passenger space and trunk capacity of your rental car. Ask whether it allows child seats, GPS, and all types of accessories.

2. Passenger and driver limitations

Don’t be afraid to ask if one of your passengers can take the wheel, just in case. In addition, it’s always good to check with the company on picking up passengers and generally arriving with more people that rode off.

3. Reputation

It’s good to choose a nearby car rental (support your local business!), but always be diligent. After all, big-timers became that for a good reason. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for recommendations!

4. Your driving record

Ask the company if they check customers’ driving records. In the United States many of them do, and even if you have a confirmed reservation, recent driving violations may hinder the car rental process.

5. Your all-in-all experience

Once you tried out renting out a car, it’s likely you’ll try it again in the future. Because of that, always look at how the company treats their clients. Are they clear in documentation? How long does it take to take you from reservation to getting keys in the ignition?

Drivo makes sure it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to get your car up and ready from the moment you step into our office. Your booking status is updated in real-time, and we will always be there to resolve any dispute for your best comfort.

Renting a car can be a great way to explore a new place. Now that we tried to make the solution easier, we’re always here to take your next steps further!

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