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China has ceased to be the largest automotive market in the world
 April 3, 2024

China has ceased to be the largest automotive market in the world

Drivo car rental company, based near Newark airport catering to all of New Jersey announces highly competitive rates. As a smaller company with high quality cars, Drivo is armed with spectacular customer service and the ability to deal with customers on a one-to-one basis. That doesn’t mean Drivo has rental prices through the roof, Drivo car rental company remains very affordable while providing excellent service with impressive vehicles. Today, most of the rental companies focus on quantity of rentals through web based sales. There is little consideration or time taken to explore individuals needs. That’s where Drivo seems to be different. Drivo is a company that has taken the time to study the market and understand a niche market that has been missing in the rental car industry; customers who want an impressive status car at an affordable rate. Most of the people will fit into this category. Drivo is a new company which means Drivo has less overhead costs to cover. Drivo can afford to hire employees with more expertise that are more willing and more capable to serve the average consumer. If one doesn’t know what kind of car to rent, Drivo is there to help you select the right vehicle for any destination. Long driving with our cars and customer service in Garden State for business or pleasure, turns to be a pleasant experience for hundreds of our customers” says the Tim Djuraev the owner of the company. Drivo’s highly skilled managers are happy to help you select the right vehicle at the right price for every occasion. Drivo always offers great discounts on top of already reasonable rates to make the experience with the company even better. Drivo offers free shuttles from Drivo’s primary location at the Newark airport. Flexability is an important part of the business since plans are always subject to change. Drivo offers a simple policy on adding additional drivers; it can be done at any Drivo location at anytime during the rental. If you’re late returning your Drivo vehicle, it’s no problem, just leave your keys in the drop box. Drivo car rental makes it that easy because they understand the needs of the traveler! Another great feature, intended for the young traveler, is Drivo’s minimum age requirement of 21 years old. Drivers 25 and older are subject to reduced rates. If you rent a car with Drivo, you will not only save your own time, but you will be provided with a comfortable car and accompanied by a full insurance. Drivo car rental, as a relatively new and small company, has made great leaps in the rental car industry. Drivo is expected to continue to grow, expand, and proudly serve the greater Newark and New Jersey area for many wonderful years to come. If you are planning a trip and want the best car, at the best rate, with the best service then look no further than Drivo Rental Cars. About Drivo Rent-A-Car Newark’s top rental car company was established in (month/year) by CEO (first name last name). Since then, Drivocar rental company has become the place to go for car rental customers who need high quality, affordability, and service. When you speak to one of Drivo’s specially trained, highly skilled managers, you know that you will be cheerfully directed to the vehicle that is right for you and your needs. Call or stop into Drivo car rental on your next trip to the beautiful state of New Jersey and experience your travel the way travel was intended to be – easy, affordable, enjoyable, and impressive.

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