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Frequently asked questions

Below are some Frequently asked questions about our rental services.

How Do I Pay for My Rental Car?
We accept all major credit and debit cards with Visa/Mastercard emblem on it. However a personal cheque or money order will not be accepted as a mode of payment. The debit card must not be a prepaid card and an additional bond will be required to pay at the time of renting a car which will be refunded on its return.
Do I Need a Driver's License To Rent?
The renter must have a full and valid driving license that does not expire throughout the rental period. If your license is not in English, you must provide a current International Driver’s Permit. If you have an International Driver’s Permit, you must also carry your current valid driving license. If your address is not current with your license, then a valid document with your current address needs to be provided at the time of renting a car.
Can I Change or Cancel My Reservation?
Yes you can. You can cancel your booking by using our booking link. You wont be charged if you cancel your booking 24 hrs prior to the pick up time. If you wish to change your rental preference then our Customer Care team will be happy to help you through the process and make the necessary changes. Please note that reservation rates are recalculated if pickup times, dates or locations are revised, and an additional cost will be charged.
Can I Extend My Rental Period?
In order to extend your rental period, you will required to call us. It may be possible that the rented vehicle may not be available or if it is then please note that the rates are subject to change based on your rental extension.
If I Return My Rental Early, Do I Get a Refund?
You may return the vehicle early, however we do not give refunds for the unused rental days.
Do I Need to Refuel The Car Before Returning It?
You are expected to return the car with the same amount of fuel as when the vehicle was picked up. But if you want to return the car without refuelling then you will have to pay an additional refuelling charge (the refuelling charge is higher than the local fuel prices).
Can I Prepay For Fuel?
You do have an option of purchasing a full tank at a competitive local price at the time of pick up. This way, you save yourself the hassle to refuel the tank when returning the car and you also get a good discount for your fuel.
Is There a Limit on How Many Miles I Can Drive?
No, most of our rental vehicles have unlimited mileage unless it is a large or specialty vehicle. Unlimited mileage is available for one-way rentals as well as cross border and out-of-state/province vehicles too.
Can I Bring My Pet in The Rental Car?
We allow small pets in our rental vehicles. Customers will have to ensure that the pet is crated and the vehicle is returned in the same clean condition at the time of renting out. Cleaning fees will be applied as will an additional charge for any damage to the car.
Do You Provide Booster Seats / Child Safety Equipment?
We provide child/safety and booster seats which comply to the child restraint laws of the country. At the time of booking, please make a special request for them, as they are limited and subject to availability. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure the child and booster seat are fitted properly at the time of renting the vehicle.
What Documents Do I Need To Rent a Car?
Renters must have: - valid drivers license, - major credit card in their name - proof of full coverage insurance (declaration page). If the customer does not have proof of insurance (Declarations Page), coverage must be purchased at the counter. Cracked, broken or damaged driver’s licenses are not accepted. Learner’s permits and probationary licenses are not accepted. International renters must also present a passport and a valid drivers license from their country of residence. If the license is in non-Latin alphabet an international driving license will be required. International customers are required to show a round trip ticket and the deposit is $500.00 regardless if credit card or debit card is used.
Can I Book A Car In Advance?
Yes, you can book a car in advance. We recommend this approach as rates and availability are subject to change. Making an early reservation often guarantees a more favorable rate.
Can I Return or Pick Up My Rental Car At Nighttime?
Cars can only be picked up during Drivo's operational hours, so it's essential to plan your pickup accordingly. To return a car after hours, we offer an after-hours drop-off option at all our locations. Simply park the vehicle in the designated area and drop the keys into the provided dropbox at the location.
When Do I Get My Deposit Back?
The deposit is released upon the vehicle's return. If any damage occurs during the rental period, the deposit may be charged temporarily and will be refunded once the damage claim is resolved. For credit card deposits, the amount is $200.00, while for debit card deposits, it's $500.00.
Can I Rent a Car at Age 18?
The minimum age to rent a vehicle in the state of New Jersey location is 21, in the state of New York 18 and the driver must have a valid driver’s license. Underage drivers are restricted to ECAR, CCAR and ICAR only. For larger-sized vehicles and specialty vehicles the minimum age of 25 years applies. An Underage Driver Fee of $79.99 per day will apply for drivers 18-20. An Underage Driver Fee of $25.00 per day will apply for drivers 21-24. The maximum age to rent is 80 years.

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